The following policies outline our rules vis-à-vis our community and projects and are necessary to ensure a pleasant, respectful and productive environment. Any project that violates this policy will not be uploaded to the site or will be removed from it. Any teacher who is not a member of a school which is signed up to the platform, cannot, at present, submit a project to the website. You are welcome, however, to get in touch and we will inform you as soon as Lakita is fully open.

Project Policy

Points to consider regarding schools currently registered on the website:n).

  • Any equipment supplied through ‘Lakita’ is the property of the network of schools to which the school belongs. The equipment is intended for the use of the teacher who created the project and their students, however it is not their property.


Points to consider regarding the projects:

  • DO keep your writing clear, succinct, engaging and respectful.
  • DO present a well-defined educational rationale and clearly-structured targets for your project.
  • DO outline clear criteria for success of the project.
  • DO be as specific as possible regarding the resources you will require. See example:


  • DO NOT publish personal details of students (full names, contact details etc.)
  • DO NOT upload photos of students to the website without first obtaining written permission from the students’ parents.
  • Any project with a political agenda, or which promotes incitement, discrimination, racism or violence will not be approved.


Notes on transportation and resources:

  • At this stage, project expenses are capped at 5,000 NIS. This amount will gradually increase.
  • It is not permitted to fund food or overnight accommodation, teachers’ salaries or any other kind of direct employment through Lakita.
  • Funding is intended for the purchasing of equipment, professional services, lecturers and guides (payment with invoice), purchasing tickets or travel to external activities.
  • In the primary phase crowdfunding is limited to student-centric projects only. It is not intended for funding professional development/enrichment activities for the teaching staff.
  • Projects relating to infrastructure and construction will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the necessary permits and the presence of an on-site professional, under the responsibility of the school.

Community Policy

  • It is forbidden to publish offensive or harassing posts, or any offensive, racist or inciting material. Such posts will be deleted and will lead to your account being locked.
  • It is forbidden to publish copyrighted material without first obtaining approval from the copyright holder.
  • Any violation of these terms or of the site’s terms & conditions is liable to lead to your account being locked or permanently deleted from the site.