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CSI: Solving crimes scientifically

Learning science at a crime scene: Students taking on the role of criminal investigators, will be exposed to Israel Police detectives’ methods and tools; they will interrogate and solve cases, bonding through teamwork...
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Have you ever heard about forensic science? What do you think it’s all about? All of us have seen detective shows on TV, yet despite our rich viewing experience, it’s not a sure thing that we would know how to assist at a crime scene.
My project offers the opportunity to take one’s first steps in the field of forensic science and enter the world of criminal identification.
But why should we learn forensic science?
Besides being fascinating and intriguing, the Israel Police Department of Criminal Investigation must be expert in enforcing the law, must think critically and excel in solving problems. Police must pay careful attention to all details and keep cool.
Do we want to develop these skills among our students? Of course!!!
These activities will help students think critically and scientifically through analyzing the world around them.
Throughout the project, students act as if they are police investigators, are exposed to the methods and tools for criminal investigation of suspects by the police, become familiar with state of the art technological and scientific methods, will research and solve investigative enigmas through team efforts, joining together to solve cases.
As part of my project, I would like to invite guest speakers who are investigators or police personnel from various divisions to tell stories and bring actual sample cases.

School Name


עירוני ט' תל אביב - יפו

My Students (Number of students 1-20)

My initial experience showed me that my students love to solve riddles, study in a non-conventional hands-on way, and be active learners. Without noticing, they “get into it,” and attempt to find a solution. Our students aren’t targeting university studies; one of the goals of my project is to have students consider science not just as a body of knowledge, but as practical, applicable know-how, and may re-think university studies as an option.

Who I am
The world around us is changing rapidly, and we are changing along with it. Yesterday’s latest thing is no longer important today, which is why i am constantly looking out for how to synchronize myself with the new reality – this is what leads me to initiate new projects and to want to generate change. This is my fifth year of teaching, and I am still asking myself whether I am a “modern teacher,” whether I am a “good teacher”…The good teacher is the one who knows how to make every single lesson an interesting one, one whose students are never bored. Modern learning is active learning. I am a science teacher, and to my deep regret I see that not all of the students are connecting to this fascinating subject. Students see the sciences as a body of knowledge that has nothing to do with them. My project intends to change this.

How will you measure the success?

More and more schools adopt the idea and the course.

What's needed for the success?

We are in need of a modern microscope and study kits suited to investigators which have been specially developed for students studying forensic science.

Equipment / service required Amount Unit Cost (inc. VAT) Total Cost (inc. VAT)
Fingerprinting kit 10 87.00₪ 870.00₪
Detective Kit (from 1 1,544.00₪ 1,544.00₪
Footprint identification kit (from 1 1,120.00₪ 1,120.00₪
Art forgery detection kit (from 1 1,339.00₪ 1,339.00₪
Credit clearing 2.925% 142.54₪
Resources table Total: 5,015.54 ₪

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    אגף החינוך העל יסודי, עיריית תל אביב


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