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My Project

In the project “The Courage to Dream” we are striving to train a group of Dror Ramla students to be martial arts instructors in the school. These young instructors will accompany and instruct additional students, provide a role model for them, and form significant bonds which will provide mutual value: the student will feel valued as having a place in the world, and the instructor will feel valued as having real capacity to change his own life reality and others’ reality.
Twice a week, project participants will meet for training in karate, language, instruction and development of martial arts. These new skills will reduce fear and provide the participants with a toolbox as well as values they will be able to inculcate in other students at a later stage. In addition to the weekly training sessions, we would like to go on field trips to visit other Israeli fighting clubs and other special activity sites that will give the students a broadened view and make them think. These special attractions usually have prohibitive entrance fees for students, thus they are deprived of certain experiences in a safe atmosphere of play. Furthermore, we need to purchase equipment for the training sessions, such as martial arts uniforms, shields, equipment bags and other accessories such as punching cushions, training bands, and more. The significance of the project lies in the provision of physical, value-based and educational tools to a group of students which will transform them into peer leaders in their schools. They will become individual role models and grow academically and physically. By choosing to pass on what they learn, this cadre of students will create a positive self-image for themselves and encourage their classmates to make real changes in their lives, to take responsibility for improving their lives based on a deep-seated feeling of self-worth.

School Name

דרור רמלה



My Students (Number of students 1-20)

My students are 9th to 12th graders, ages 15-18. They came to Dror Ramla after failing to fulfil their potential at other schools, mostly from difficult backgrounds and challenges in their everyday lives. For many of them, Dror Ramla is their last opportunity for studies before going to work; we may assume that if they hadn’t come to us, they would drop out and begin working without completing their high school studies.
In response, we aim to create a feeling of self-efficacy, learning, and self-worth for our students.
Many people would label these students “difficult” or “lacking in skills,” but I firmly believe that a change of scene and giving them a chance can help them fulfil their tremendous hidden potential. I believe that the right conditions will enable them to blossom and realize not only the goals we set for them, but the new goals they will set for themselves: to generate change in their lives and become models for change in their neighborhood and in the school.

How will you measure the success?

We’ll know the project is a success when students become leaders among their peers during the school year, both in the dojo and outside of it. Taking responsibility for coming to school and for being students, including studies, attendance, lessening violence and leading the student body in more value-based independent activities.

What's needed for the success?

Our equipment needs range from personal gear (uniform, guards, gear bag, and the like) to general equipment (punching mats, fitness equipment, and more) to transportation to various sites in Israel (other martial arts clubs, extreme sports in nature, other attractions and heritage sites (entrance fees to nature reserves, sites, museums, and more) and food (refreshments on trips and days outside of the school.

Equipment / service required Amount Unit Cost (inc. VAT) Total Cost (inc. VAT)
MMA boxing gloves, Catalog No. L 1410 15 87.00 ₪ 1,305.00 ₪
Shin and leg guard, Catalog No. L7370 15 40.00 ₪ 600.00 ₪
Personal gear bag, Catalog No.1030/1 15 20.00 ₪ 300.00 ₪
Nippondo Karate gi Trainer, Catalog No. 6980 8 70.00 ₪ 560.00 ₪
Nippondo Karate gi Trainer 1.60, Catalog No. 6981 7 72.50 ₪ 507.50 ₪
Entrance fee to the I-Jump 15 53.00 ₪ 795.00 ₪
Entrance fees to the iClimb special climbing site (Boulder + Top-Rope) 15 75.00 ₪ 1,125.00 ₪
Credit clearing 2.5% 129.81 ₪
Resources table Total: 5,322.31 ₪

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Project of Rotem Inbar
I am Rotem Inbar, Karate instructor at the Dror Ramla School and an Israel Studies tour guide for schools in the Tel Aviv district. Following years of being a counsellor for youth at risk and distress in various cities in the country, seven years ago I decided to follow my love for Karate and become an instructor, to use this tool to help students cope with their fear and violence in their lives. My credo is that each human being can be good and beneficial to others, I am both the Israel Studies tour guide and the karate instructor at Dror Ramla, attempting to create a protective, loving space for my students, encouraging them to constant improvement of their responsibility for the school environment and their own personal environment. From a place of empowerment, trust, respect, friendship and personal example, my dream is that after 4 years of karate training, to have students enrol at Wingate College to become sports counselors. I dream of them completing the course believing in themselves, having proven to themselves and to the environs that change is possible and within our reach – we only need the COURAGE to DREAM.